Mona Hussein

Mona Hussein is cofounder of Mona Hussein Design House (MHDH); a design office specialized in Interior design, Architecture, Landscape design, and Branding, Consultancy, and Product design. MHDH is regionally recognized for individualistic design solutions that are channeled through an equilibrium between organic concepts and contemporary design. MHDH has a proved track of success for more than 20 years in Egypt and the Middle East, by working with the leading names in the region. Mona Hussein was honored to take the time to hold and be part of a green workshop called Eco Palm in the German University in Cairo (GUC), providing the students with materials and the technical know-how and information necessary to produce a product. The purpose of this workshop was to combine the minds of our new generation of Egyptian designers with sustainable and environmentally friendly design. Using Palm Trees as an inspiration, the students were provided with the palm wood, palm reed, and trunk fibers to create a product. The challenge was coming up with creative designs in just one week. The results were very gratifying; the success of this Palm experimentation and experience will have a big place in the future of our designs. MHDH are privileged to be part of Banaty foundation and the adoption of 15 children trying to widen their ability to have bigger dreams and tools to give them hope for a better future. Banaty’s main objective is to eliminate street kids in Cairo’s urban areas. Giving all Banati children (ages: 4 months to 14 years) a better chance in life. MHDH annually arranges workshops with Banaty where our designers prepare a design program for the kids to interact with each other on a social level as well as an educational level that could widen their potential. For example, a previous workshop was all about teaching the children about palm trees and all their different uses. Each child was assigned to design their own product; providing them with all the materials needed and palm wood professionals to help them along the way. They ended up creating trays, tables, frames, and jewelry boxes.

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Mona Hussein
SODIC Headquarter, km 38 Cairo-Alex Desert Road, Sheikh Zayed
P: (+202) 01227498221
F: +202 38571240
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