May Khoury

May Khoury Founder & Designer Badr Adduja Arts & crafts June 1999- Present Winner of the Silver A Design Award 2012-2013 in the category Arts & Crafts. .Nominated as Prime Designer of the year 2013 by the International Designers Association. • More than 18 years dynamically helping over 30 Arab Artisans attain financial liberty, encouraging the employment of their traditional skills, into attractive contemporary handicrafts., • A worldwide promoter of the richness of the Arabian heritage, utilizing its aged beauty as a fresh characteristic, to adorn modern furnishings ,home accessories Clothes& jewelry. • A conservationist with a mission to help preserve the traditional facets of Arabian crafting skills, from fading away with a mission to recycle the old heritage pieces from all the Arab & Orient Countries. Design philosophy and trends: - Representing heritage pieces in new perspective that tackles our memories. - Utilizing our old handicrafts aesthetically to blend within our modern life style. - Creating new concepts that have a touch of our tradition. • Participated in several Arab & International Handicraft Festivals, Fashion shows, Seminars & Conferences where my creations were introduced to Arab and European countries, as part of the Mediterranean handicraft promotion & preservation mission •. - Won the 2nd Laureate of the UNESCO Crafts Prize for the Arab States, held in Algeria in 2002, for the design of a unique wooden chair, carved and decorated with Traditional Palestinian intricate embroidery and motif which is now displayed at the permanent Museum of UNESCO in Paris -.Member of the International Designers Association - Member of the world Crafts Council. - Member of Alhoush Network. which is the premier cultural networking and e-commerce portal to contemporary art and design from the Arab world. Member of International Women Forum, Jordan Branch - Member of the Jordanian Forum for Business & Professional Women, networking to enhance, develop and empower business women in Jordan

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May Khoury
15 Abu Tammam Street
P: 96264650470
F: 96264650470
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